Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q&A: 2-1-1

What would be an example of a person most likely to fall through the safety net?


  1. 2-1-1 Responds:

    Resources may not be available at the time someone needs assistance, i.e. rental assistance or bus vouchers. Every attempt is made to “problem solve” with the caller and we strive to provide three referrals for every need presented.

  2. Lois Wilkerson27/4/10 4:47 PM

    The group of individuals that have lost their jobs and don't qualify for programs due to their previous salaries and cannot document unlikely to return to their previous occupation due to it being somewhat in demand.

  3. In our focus groups we heard that service providers were struggling to meet the needs of people who are unemployed for perhaps the first time; those who no longer have access to health insurance; those at risk of losing their homes; and those in need of food assistance. The safety net that existed prior to the current economic crisis was built to address very different client issues than service providers are confronted with today. Since needs are different, service providers are challenged to develop different interventions. Overall, they tell us that they are overwhelmed by the sheer demand for services and resources.