Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q&A: General

Overwhelming information. How can educational partners (higher ed) make a contribution?? There could be an overwhelming response. What is ONE impactful way?


  1. Lois Wilkerson27/4/10 4:49 PM

    The educational partners are being cut significantly as well. They are reducing programs that have an impact on training. If they focused on short-term programs and transfer programs, that would help. However, they are doing more with less as well.

  2. Higher education partners can contribute to the efforts of service providers through applied research (for istance, to document effectiveness of interventions or to measure need); through placement of students in fieldwork, internships, or course-related service; by partnering on grants; by piloting new approaches.

  3. All community colleges have CalWORKs offices and will offer verification of campus-based activities, coordinate services with the county welfare departments, and assist welfare-to-work clients achieve family self-sufficiency with education and training.